Extrude surface & Fillet edges with different radius

Hi everybody.
I have this problem:
1.- I extruded a surface ( this surface was created from projected curves)
2.- I tried to fillet edges with different radius ( from 2.5 mm. to 1 mm. )
The result you can see in the image attached…

I tried to weld vertices, edges, surfaces, solids union… etc… but dont work…
Any comments, suggestions are welcome and I will appreciate to much.

Thanks in advance
P.D. I uploaded the file .3dm for you can check by yourself.

base.3dm (561.0 KB)

model-forum.3dm (178.4 KB)

Attached is how I’d use FilletEdge on a model like this. The first thing you’ll need to do is get rid of the interior surfaces. I used ExtractSrf and Delete for this part. Then explode the larger polysrf and use Untrim to remove the opening. Extend the edges of the surface depression so it provides some overlap and use FilletEdge in separate steps.

base_bjames.3dm (2.4 MB)

If you don’t need the planar surfaces in the depression, this would be made easier by modeling a single curved surface using Loft and then trimming it against the larger.

This one was similar in that you need to model some overlap between the surfaces and then fillet in separate steps. The last edge is best rounded using the classic “pipe trim” technique followed by BlendSrf… see attached. I hope this helps.

model-forum_bjames.3dm (1.7 MB)

Thank you very much Brian!, your information is very helpul. I will try to finish the model using your suggestions.
I’ll tell you later if I have anything new.

Best regards