Extrude surface along curve with appropriate rotation (like curve)

(Krzys Kuczynski) #1


I’m a beginner with grasshopper so please - be patient :slight_smile:
I would like to extrude a surface along circular path with an appropriate rotation - like curve (left screen). Can someone help me how to do it? Basic commands like ‘sweep’ or ‘extrude along curve’ don’t work correctly.
I have already found some information on the internet, but the only solution worked like attachted on the right screen - surface/section is rotated so it’s NOT CORRECT.
*another points and curves above in the file are creating more paths: square, pentagon, hexagon and octagon. They are going to be used later to have a possiblity to extrude the same surface along these paths.


model180420.gh (38.1 KB)

(Ryan) #2

Your orient command is remapping correctly. I’m not sure which way you want it to be. But you should rotate your plane, similar to the example below.

Edit: If you look closely at the planes created, your RED / GREEN lines are going a certain direction. This will indicate which way your part will be flipped / rotated and applied to your curve.

(Krzys Kuczynski) #3

Thank you very much. I don’t know why, but I have tried the rotation earlier and it didn’t work. Now I have mirrored it also to the outside of the path and everything is correct.