Extrude surface along curve with appropriate rotation (like curve)


I’m a beginner with grasshopper so please - be patient :slight_smile:
I would like to extrude a surface along circular path with an appropriate rotation - like curve (left screen). Can someone help me how to do it? Basic commands like ‘sweep’ or ‘extrude along curve’ don’t work correctly.
I have already found some information on the internet, but the only solution worked like attachted on the right screen - surface/section is rotated so it’s NOT CORRECT.
*another points and curves above in the file are creating more paths: square, pentagon, hexagon and octagon. They are going to be used later to have a possiblity to extrude the same surface along these paths.


model180420.gh (38.1 KB)

Your orient command is remapping correctly. I’m not sure which way you want it to be. But you should rotate your plane, similar to the example below.

Edit: If you look closely at the planes created, your RED / GREEN lines are going a certain direction. This will indicate which way your part will be flipped / rotated and applied to your curve.

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Thank you very much. I don’t know why, but I have tried the rotation earlier and it didn’t work. Now I have mirrored it also to the outside of the path and everything is correct.