Extrude a curve according to text value [solved]

So if I have a closed curve and I want to extrude these curve according to the value annotated inside the curve, how would I do that?

I did a small test, and it work, but there’s a few problems
1.I can’t get text from rhino
2.assuming I can get the text from rhino, how would I make sure the value and curve order is the same on a list?

This is how I’m doing it now, import the curves, find the order, then manually enter the values into the text parametre

it’s fine if it’s only a few extrusions, but if there’s hundred of thousands of them, it’d be nice if it’s not so manual

attached is my test file
extrudeValue.rar (35.5 KB)

much thanks to @ErickVasquez, it works great :grinning:

You need a tool for that like HORSTER for read text objects, then clean the text, sort it and extrude.

171122_extrudebytext_ev.gh (9.9 KB)