Extracting isocurves from multiple surfaces

Hello all,

First of all thanks for your help and time.

At the moment im working on a topographic 3d with flat layers every meter, and I would be interested in exporting the isocurves from the surfaces in order to give a more realistic look to the elevations. With the “extractisocurves” its easy to do so, but the problem is that it only allows to do it one at a time.

Is there a way to select mutiple curves and export all the isocurves at once? I have almost 400 curves and I would save quite a lot of time.

Thanks a lot, and have nice week.

Another method for creating the elevation contours would be to use the Contour command. One application of the command will generate all the curves with the desired spacing. If the surface is a stepped rather than smooth then it may not work well unless the step heights are precisely the same.

If the isocurves you are want are edges then use DupEdge to select and create copies of the desired edges.

Hello and thanks for your fast answer.

I already though on the DupEdge but it doesn’t work because most of the height curves are actually smooth curves and not straight lines.

What I would like to extract is the lines in the following picture that give the volume effect of the mountain (which are the isocurves) but one by one would be too much…

DupEdge works on curved as well as straight edges. (Edit) Edges for DupEdge can be selected with a cross box in addition to by individually clicking on each.

If the steps are equal heights try the Contour command with the spacing the same as the step height.