Extract curves from surface


I have built a surface from several curves by lofting. Is there any way of getting the original curves back?


Hi Miguel,

You could try to run Undo until you have the curves back.
Then Select the curves, Copy to clipboard and Redo again.
Then Paste the curves.

There is also the command _ExtractIsocurve; but it is likely these are not equal to the input curves.
Also note that any trimming on the surface will make the extracted curves shorter than the input curves.

What I do when creating surfaces from curves is to keep the curves on a separate layer that I turn off.
They are not in my way but at hand when needed.


Hi Willem.

I like the extractIsocurve command because it`s a long time ago I built these surfaces.

Thanks a lot for your help.

If the surfaces were trimmed, untrim the surfaces before using ExtracIsocurve to get curves of the same length as the originals.