Extra edge that's protruding

Hi I made a square 12 inch by 12 inch then offset it inward at 0.25 inches, then extruded it .25 inches, and then I made another square 12 inches by 12 inches and extruded that surface to .02 inches. When I went to join the surfaces together there was this extra piece hanging off and I don’t know why that was. Can someone explain why that extra material is there please? I will post a photo

Hello- please post a Rhino file with your object.


Hi no for this one it is not needed its a simple question. I only need to trim off an excess edge.

Hi Lukas - If you want help from me, post a file.


Hi I am seeing a pattern where I am continuously coming into the issue where I am trying to do a boolean difference and cutting pieces off but I am left with an overhang or something. I am trying to cut that excess off how do I trim it off?

Hi -
I’ve merged this last post of yours with this thread…
As stated before, the best way to get help is if you post a 3dm file.
Also see your previous threads about extracting surfaces and joining.
Perhaps it’s time to take a look at the level 1 training manual?

Hi. I DONT want to upload my file this time because I have things on it that I don’t want to share. Please explain another way.

Hello- the Export command is your friend here - or you can send to tech@mcneel.com, with a link back here in your comments.

The problem that Pascal and the rest of us face is that this is, on the basis of your description, inexplicable. It may be that a file will provide clues that break that impasse. As Pascal says you can use the Export command to create a file that only contains the specific elements that you reference in your description.


In addition, @Lukas_Cassle yes, we could probably guess, and if we have time, make some geometry that looks about like what you show, ( and possibly show you how to fix it or avoid it ) but then, you could do that work just as well, without the guess part. Please in general provide files when asking these questions, it cuts down the uncertainty, the work, the guesswork, and extra the emails getting it right.