ExtendSrf bug

Hi this surface shrinks when using ExtendSrf on the indicated edge.


extendsrf example.3dm (171.3 KB)

I could only get ExtendSrf to work after using the Untrim command on that edge.

Same here. Surfaces in red would shrink despite entering positive values.

Very annoying to deal with.

Inconsistent ExtendSrf.3dm (40.8 KB)

yes that often happens. FWIW the green surfaces show an ‘OnSrf’ and the red show an ‘OnCrv’ extension. If you have tooltip info, it will print out negative values when dragging away from the surface. So it does extend ‘positively’ even though the result is not what you expect/ want

ExtendSrf is a hit and a miss. I often have to untrim first to get it to work, but still it is a lot better than it ever was in v5. I do hope this tool gets more attention/refinement though.

Yep, I see that now. I never liked relative to cursor options…
Inconsistent ExtendSrf.3dm (40.8 KB)

A user in the office is also encountering this. He has been swearing a lot about it for the last couple of months so suspect it is annoying him.

To be clear, the problem is that sometimes a positive extension value “extends” the surface (as expected), and sometimes a positive value shrinks the surface (unexpected).

This is in Rhino 6 SR19 also.

Bump…A video of the problem.

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