Extend Curves Tilll Perpenticular to World CPlane?

I made a few curves that I plan on sweeping a profile on, but I’m having an issue at the ends of the curves.

I want to cut (or extend?) the curves so that when I put my profile on the ends (but using the CPlane perpendicular to curve command and drawing rectangles), the profiles are parallel to the world top view CPlane.

I’ve tried the extend tools but I don’t know when to stop extending besides just eying it.

Does anyone know if this can be done? I hope I’m explaining clearly enough…

railing detail.3dm (485.5 KB)

Hi Jay- one way out would be the make a vertical line at the end of the curve and Match to the line for tangency- not sure how the shape change will work with what you want to do though.
Or, more simply, just use SetPt on the second from the bottom control point on the curve, and set its XY (only) snapping to the end point of the curve.


Hi Pascal, the set point thing worked perfectly thank you!