Expression acts weird when pasting exactly the same formula

Hi GH people, while teaching, I’ve experienced this weird behavior of the Expression component. When I type the expression myself it works smoothly. But when I wanted to save time and copied the formula for my students, they complained, it’s throwing an error. I tried to copy and paste the same thing I typed before and it didn’t work.

It’s just a simple helix formula and I’ve checked it already multiple times, yet it says:

  1. Expression generated an error for (r, c, t): Invalid expression: Unexpected symbol encountered (​)

Any ideas why this is not working? The formulas are the same, they have been copied and pasted from the same source…

It seems like TEAMS is changing something in the text, but it seems to be the same still. Are there two types of curved (normal) brackets? I’m really confused by this… :smiley:Type it or paste it - weird Expression (30.5 KB)

Hi -
In my days of working a lot with documentation, I learned that, if you care about formatting, always send text through Notepad before pasting it into a document.
When I copy-paste your two strings into MS Word and turn on Show hidden formatting symbols, I see this:


… where the upper one is giving you issues.
The Grasshopper Panel will also strip these characters, so you can paste into one of these and copy from that one.


Wow, that’s it. Thank you!