Exporting to PDF / PNG / TIFF with transparency from the layout manager

Hi. I am trying to export a layout from Rhino5/mac to PDF (or to PNG/TIFF via macos Preview, since I think it’s not possible to do this directly from Rhino) but I can’t seem to find how to export a transparent PNG/PDF/TIFF (i.e. just the vector features, with no white background). How can I do it? Thank you.

PS: I have selected “transparent background” in the viewport settings, and the print settings / visibility I have checked “background color” for printing. But what I get is a grayish background color, not transparency.

While I can open the PDF in eg. Affinity Designer, it’s one more step - if all could be done inside Rhino it would be great.

I think that would depend on features that are unimplemented in V5.
Have you tried it in V6?

I think you are right. I only have Rhino 5 for mac, and 6 for windows. In mac I can’t find any option to do that. Workaround is to export as pdf with layers and delete the background layer in a vector editing software.

So when are you going to treat yourself to that fancy new Mac?

Not going, I am more looking into Rhino 7 for windows :slight_smile: - my mac has a few years already and my windows is much more powerful. I can start projects or do simple stuff on the mac, and move on to window when I have to. Unfortunately I lose my mobility but … no other way unless spending a lot of money on a brand new mac.

Cool. You do know that your V6 license works for both Windows and Mac V6, don’t you?

Can you believe that I didn’t? Shocking. You’ve made my day. My week. My month! Thank you. It’s very nice to have V6 for Mac as well since it’s a huge update. To be honest V5 was more than enough for my needs on a Mac but … we create our need. I’ll surely be creating the need to use V6 for Mac now :slight_smile:
Thanks once again.