Exporting models to Second Life

I am trying to export a boat model to the virtual world called Second Life.

The accepted file format for this is .dae (Collada).

However, my attempts fail I assume due to some irregularity in the mesh I am trying to upload.

I would be really interested to hear if any other user has discovered a technique for preparing models that can easily be transported to Second Life.

Are there error messages during the export from Rhino? Or does the import into Second Life fail?

Can you share a model that fails?

Hello Nathan,

Thank you for your kind offer of help.

I think that the problem I’ve been having is possibly due to some ‘rogue’ quadrangles in my meshes. When I apply the TriangulateMesh command to my models, SL seems to be happy to accept them. If you have any useful recommendations about preparing models for uploading to SL they would be greatly appreciated.

Are you into SL scripting for mesh models ? I am at a bit of a loss to work out how to update my old scripts for sailing boat sails written around the use of ‘tortured’ prims rather than mesh surfaces.

Again, any help would be much appreciated.

Regards, AnnieM aka Krystle Poikolainen in SL

Sorry I am not very familiar with SL. I just know that gaiaclary over at #blendercoders (freenode IRC channel) works a lot with SL, pretty much maintains the COLLADA export functionality in Blender 3D. She does a lot of SL work as far as I know