Exporting as obj creates multiple materials instead of a single material

currently in rhino 8, if an object consisting of e.g 4 individual parts has one “metal” material applied to each of them, when exported as an .obj, the .obj will have 4 parts with the materials “metal, metal_1, metal_2, metal_3” rather than 1 “metal” material applied to all 4 parts.

this appears to be a bug as rhino 7 would have produced an .obj with 4 parts each with a single “metal” material applied consistent with the rhino 7 file.

this is also true with image files.

if an object consisting of 4 parts each has a material with a “bump_grit” texture applied to it, on export as .obj there will be “bump_grit, bump_grit_1, bump_grit_2, bump_grit_3” image files found in the .obj export location.

Hi Andy- please post screen shots of the settings used in obj export, the Naming page in particular.


hi pascal,


this produced around a thousand materials!

Hi Andy - so far that is not happening here - can you post a simple, preferably, file that shows the problem, or send to tech@mcneel.com with a link back to this topic in your comments?


done :pray:

Hi Andy - thanks , I see now. I’ll check with the developer.

He said, that’s dumb, and he’ll fix it.

RH-81245 Export obj - too many materials


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