Export Visible Layers Only

Using Rhino for Mac v5.1

We have a file with many layers and would like to export only the visible layers. There are certain layers that we do not want to share with the recipients.

Is this possible ? We cannot find in documentation.


If the visible objects are the ones you want to export then select them and ‘ExportSelected’, but if you want to do it through the layer list, with nothing selected, highlight all the relevant layers in the list and with RMB on any one of the highlighted layers, select objects, then Export Selected.

Thanks Brian,

We have previously tried both methods. The objects are all exported, but all of the layers are exported, including the undesired layers.


Peter, another method is to use select > copy > paste (assuming that you are exporting to another .3dm file) Only the relevant layers will be exported, including any layers at a higher hierarchical level. And also the current layer will be exported, so make sure that it is one of the ones you want to export.


Regretfully, that does not work either.

We also tried, “select objects by layer”, selected only the visible layers, then “Export Selected” and what results is an export of all layers, including layers and objects that were not selected.

It would be helpful to know the intended behavior; perhaps this is a bug.


It is working correctly here under Windows - layers that are empty, off or have no selected objects are not exported - but I have not tested on Mac. --Mitch

Just to be sure, I tested it again on my Mac, with the following result:
copytest.3dm (59.4 KB)

I created a new file “copytest.3dm”, stripped alle layers off except “Default” (you cannot delete the last/current layer) and then selected the relevant part on the origin drawing, copied it and pasted it into the new file.
The copied part sits on layer “parts 1.2 mm”, Layer “Parts” is the higher level layer, and “old parts” is the current layer in the file where this part was copied from. The origin file has many more layers.

1)Make sure the levels are unlocked, that the objects are unlocked and hidden, that there are no objects with different levels of groups and that the display options (lines, points, etc.) are turned on to see what matters.
2) select layers with shift + click
3) right click> select objects on the level.
4) Upper menu> File> Export selection.
I use it very frequently and it works perfectly.

ExportSelected will take the current layer (edit, minus unselected objects, thanks @maxz ) to the new file, so try making one of the layers current, also any blocks on the layers selected will take block-related layers and objects.

…but only when the objects are selected, so not all objects on the current layer.


Thanks to all for your interest and assistance.

I’ll keep experimenting, but our deadline passed, so I had to send the file with the extra layers and objects stripped out.

If we select a single object on one layer, and then “export selected”, the new file that is created contains that object in one layer as well as the default layer. This is what we expect. I also tried one layer and that works as well. It is only when we select objects on multiple (visible) layers that the export results in all layers being exported.

MAXZ suggested copy and paste. That works well for single objects on one layer as well.

We will have to try exporting one layer at a time, then gradually add a layer at a time to see which layer is causing the undesired result of ALL of the layers being exported.

All of the layers are unlocked and there are no groups.