Export Options list

Is it possible to edit the export options list? There are only 3 or 4 of those options that I use and if possible would like to reduce the list to those that I use.

If not is there an option to create a custom “export” script that I can run from the command line? I do not mind doing the research just wanted a pointer in the right direction. TIA.

During the WIP phase of V5 there was a time when the export options sorted recently used to the top of the list just below the 3dm choices. I thought it was great, and was surprised it did not make into the final release.

Failing that, I wish the pop up menu would open large enough to show all the options without scrolling. My usual (STL) is always just off the bottom of the visible list, and it would be nice if that small annoyance could be avoided.

Your right Mark it is a small annoyance. The most recently used going to the top sounds like a nice solution.

Currently I can very quickly select an object and type _mesh but exporting to stl seems harder than it should be from there.