Rhino import and export options

I have used rhino for many years and would like to reduce or edit the options that are listed when importing or exporting a model. I mainly use .stl and .obj. and just a couple more. At the moment i have to scroll through a long list , is there a way to just have the ones i use shown in the list . Help would be most appreciated.

Hi Martin- yeah that list can be a little unwieldy…ages and ages ago we had a little plug-in that would do this but that is long obsolete if I could even find it… I’ll add a wish to the pile - the developer was non-commital about the liklihood of getting to it any time soon, however.

RH-70195 Open/Import: Cull the ‘files of type’ list
@Martin20 - it may be possible to not show plug-ins that are not enabled (in Options > Plug-ins) - that is what I understood the developer will try first.


Thanks for your reply.