Export object description as txt


The properties panel has an object description button which shows as shown below for a curve. I would like to save this info via a script, but can’t find any way to get access to this info via a command or RhinoCommon - can anyone help? I have a separate program which reads the info in precisely this format.



  Identification : a1238bfb-d539-4ae1-875b-a89365d84e60 (3)
  Nom du calque : Défaut
  Matériau de rendu : 
    source = à partir du calque
    index = -1
  Géométrie :
    Courbe valide.
      début = (-20.1298,1.72937,0)
      fin = (-15.841,-4.6347,0)
      domaine = de 0 à 7.67434

With the object selected, you could script the command _-What. There are several command-line choices such as exporting the info to a text file…