How to achieve similar object preview as Grasshopper


I am writing a rhino plugin (in c#) that will be used as a mock up for a future web interface.
In this plugin I am creating a parametric object that can be influenced with rather easy scrollbars in a RhinoTab.
What I would like to achieve is to create a preview of the final object in a similar way as Grasshopper does.
An object that is not in a layer, not clickable, selectable and so on.
I can imagine a workaround in which I set te object to a layer, and lock this layer. But I doubt that this is what Grasshopper does.
If anyone has a clue I would appreciate the help.

(ps. this same question is asked by me on the grasshopper forum)


Think I found the answer, is it the conduit pipeline?


yes, you can see here for an example: