Export colored mesh to 3Ds Max

i have 60,000 colors on the same number of meshes. i need to export them to 3ds max. the VRML format version 2 is not importing in 3ds max correctly with the color information. maybe there is a limit in numbers of colors into it.
this image is 840 separate meshes with different colors on them. i exported this model in VRML version 2 and vertex color enabled. there was no problem in importing to 3Ds max, except the scaling problem.

the image blow is the 60,000 mesh and colors. i cannot import this into 3Ds max, and 3ds max freeze on importing stage.

the short question is:
is there any way to import this amount of color information and the meshes to 3ds max?

Have you tried the FBX format?

@nathanletwory Yeah, it didn’t work… there is no color information with FBX export.

In v6 there should be - I fixed a bug or two related to vertex colors begin this year: FBX export mesh with vertices color

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here is the result in 3ds max

but i have the vertex colors here. when i select elements of the whole mesh.

but i cant assign the colors to the mesh.

@nathanletwory it worked finally, thank you.

in the object properties we need to turn on the Vertex Channel Display.

then assign a Vertex Color Map to Diffuse Map of any Renderer.

Good to hear you got it to work. I test FBX support always with Blender.

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