Export click - Triggering boolean operations for faster user interaction?

Hi everyone! I started playing around with Shapediver after yesterday’s webinar, and I wanted to ask a question. Let say we have a definition (just as an example) that allows the user to apply a sphere pattern on top of a geometry (~500 spheres) affected by a crv attractor that allows the user to play around with size/distribution of all the spheres. Boolean operations won’t allow an smooth/fast interaction. Is there a way to trigger the boolean operations just when the user is happy with the result and clicks “export”? Instead of performing the whole boolean every time the user updates a parameter?

Hi @m.corberi, thanks for joining our webinar!

Regarding your question, we will see tomorrow how to “turn off” parts of the definition to avoid their computation and just activate them until the end for production. Basically it is the use of the filter component or similar as explained here.

However, you need to check first if there are other ways to get to the same result but without using the boolean difference. I have made a small example of a big sphere being cut by other small spheres:

In this example you can see that the boolean difference in option 1 takes 2.8 minutes to compute, then I made another try in option 2 at 2.2 minutes and finally a last try with option 3 at 8.3 seconds.

All of the options get to similar results but using different component that take less to compute. You can download the definition exampleSpheres.gh (39.0 KB) and check inside the clusters to see what strategies I used.

You could continue investigating this use case and find even better ways to do it, for example dividing the big sphere in smaller surfaces and process them separately via data trees.

I hope this helps and see you tomorrow in the last day of our webinar!

Hi @m.corberi, we have explained an example about optimized boolean difference between spheres in our latest video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgG0tYzrfcw&t=856s

Hope it helps!