Export causes immediate crash

Hi McNeel
I’ve been getting some weird crashes today, and know I think I might have found the cause: If you are trying to save or export a file that exceeds Windows’ allowed character limit, Rhino simply crashes instantly. In this case, it is caused by a very, very deep folder tree. Maybe a warning would be possible?
TIA, Jakob

Logged as RH-68202 Crash when path and file length exceed MAX_PATH (260 characters)

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Hi Jakob,

Did you send in any crash reports? I’d like to see where the crash actually occurs. Nathan gave me a tip on how to fix the problem but it would be handy to know where to apply the fix.


Nevermind, I was able to set it up so I get the crash myself.

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Essentially any place in Rhino where we create a file for writing.

Hi @tim
No crash reports, no. As you might have experienced by now, Rhino just goes “blink” and it’s gone :no_mouth: It’s not something I do a lot (using up the 260 character limit), but this one project just has some really long filenames. I’ll try to change the naming convention to avoid the problem.
Regards, Jakob