Exploding a joined grid into separate, closed entities with user input entity spacing

Is there a Rhino (7) tool that allows a joined grid of joined lines (picture a chess board in 2 D, 8 X 8) to be exploded into separate entities, with user input entity spacing? In other words, explode a chess board into 64 indicidual separate squares.
It would be great to have this facility, perhaps accomplished with a macro involving layers and offsets (invisible to user). Think jigsaw puzzles………………… Draw the puzzle, explode the puzzle, CNC the puzzle’s pieces. :wink:

Anton Stayduhar

CURVEBOOLEAN is the tool you are looking for. Play with the options in the command bar when you run it. In your case you should use Combine regions = No. It also gives you the option of automatically generating all the possible regions at once.

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