Explode Tree (BANG!)

Is there any way to explode tree automatically instead of clicking “Match outputs” every-time?

No, because that might involve removing outputs which you have put effort into. I could make it so it will automatically only add outputs, as long as you don’t mind sometimes ending up with hundreds or thousands of outputs due to an erroneous grafting operation somewhere.

I need some advice here. So i had splitted curve with three segments. Each segment will be lofted with different geometry (rectangular, circle…)The combination will depend on user. He/She will input the dimension of the geometry. Not knowing how many segments will be, how do i attach one geometry to each set of points?

I suggest you look up on data trees and list matching. See chapters 1.4 and 1.5

Probably you need to weave, merge, or something else. You could always attach a file.