Exclusion from recent documents list


Is there a way for a plugin to open and re-save a document without it appearing in the recent documents list?

(Dale Fugier) #2

I don’t know of any way of doing this, sort of modifying the Registry. Why do you need to do this?


It’s kind of complicated to explain, and the final workflow is still being tweaked, but the general gist is that we’re using Rhino to operate on .3dm files that live inside other container files, and one way of doing it is to (within Rhino) extract the container to a temporary directory, work on the temporary 3dm file, and hook RhinoDoc.EndSaveDocument to re-package the container whenever the Rhino document is saved. I actually asked this question before learning that files that don’t exist anymore will not appear in the recent documents list (which is really nice), so this will only crop up if the temporary directory doesn’t get cleaned up properly. I understand that this is a weird use case.

(Bob McNeel) #4

Import and Export into an empty file might work.


I considered something like that, but I couldn’t figure out how to have a single plugin perform both import and export.