Exception while calling AnalyzeThI from KarambaCommon.ToolKit()


I am scripting using the KarambaCommon API. I am building a simple slab and column model and I have written the whole workflow in c#.

I have been checking the output step by step but when i finally analyse the model I got the black box error: “External component has thrown an exception”

Since I printed all the outputs (i.e supports, loads, shell and slab elements) and didn’t get any errors I am not sure what the issue is. I have attached the file below. since the AnalyzeThI requires many inputs I couldn’t make a short script to recreate the error. Any suggestions would greatly help! thank you!

220916_KarambaAnallyseThI_error_recreate.gh (22.8 KB)

Hi @keerthana,

sorry for the inconvenience and the inconclusive error message. I will try to improve that.

I think it is a problem with the path to the license file. For me your example works. I included here a test which tries to evaluate the license:220916_KarambaAnallyseThI_error_recreate_cp.gh (21.4 KB). In the comments I added a possible solution.

– Clemens

Hi Clements,

Many thanks for your time and patience! :grinning:
It was indeed a file path issue, also thank you for the license test code you shared in the comments of the file.