Excel Figures into Point attractor pattern

Hi there, im working on a uni project that requires me to document light and sound levels
over a 7 day period of 2 rooms in my home and reflect them in a diagram plan.

I’m looking for a way to demonstrate the figures as an attractor pattern like the one below or similar.

any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Depending on the data type and how many times you want to change the inputs in Excel you can either export a CSV file and import let’s say point coordinates into Rhino. If you create rows and columns with numeric values you can import those into Grasshopper also with a CSV file or in case you need changes in the Excel file to update in Grasshopper you’ll have to use a plugin like GHExcel to stream the file to Grasshopper.

GhExcel - Interface with Excel | Food4Rhino

PS: The plugin is old but it still works.

There is another more recent plugin with a lot more components

To simply stream data from excel to gh, both will work the same, but if you later need more functionalities, you might wanna check that one too :slight_smile:

Hi @martinsiegrist @antoinemaesantoine

Thanks for your reply and recommendations, although I’m still a little confused about how to input this data into a grasshopper script, I was planning on making 3 different plans for each time of day showing the different levels of light coming through.

IF you could give me an example of how I could input the data into a script that would be amazing. :pray:

Thanks for the hint on Bumblebee. I need to try this!

Please searcch the forum for other attractor related topics and post your data so someone can help you.

I’m a short on time right now and won’t be able to help you much more.

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