Evenly spaced vertical trusses

Rather than having divisions according to their height (like currently shown in green), I would like each point vertically upwards to have the exact same spacing and to cut off when it reaches the top rectangle. So that every support truss is basically in line with each other (similar to a roller coaster, like desperado).

rollercoasterfirstgo (1).gh (32.1 KB)

On the vertical lines use Divide Distance.

rollercoaster_divide_distance.gh (7.8 KB)

Hi there (ignore the processing power it took to create the points, I am currently working from just a standard laptop). The problem I seem to be having is that it seems to cut off completely for the top set of points, how do I get around this?


I have replaced some parts with Project components here and there

this uses your original Grid Braced 1D and the height as number of divisions:

rollercoasterfirstgo (1)_Re.gh (27.9 KB)

That is fantastic thank you, is there any way to connect the pieces horizontally like shown in the desperado roller coaster example? Like one horizontal connection every other support? Thanks so much