Points and lines

I have these four trusses, and i want to create the algorythm to create the transversal lines of the second image (i’ve done it manually but i want it automatically). I don’t know how to do it, i tried to separate the branches and use various curve cp’s, but does not work when the first item is larger than the next (branch 3-4).
I want each line separated (1 transversal beam per item)
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Can you share your .gh?

Structure.3dm (100.5 KB) Structure.gh (26.8 KB)

U’ll need Heteroptera | Food4Rhino

Structure_edit.gh (40.9 KB)


I can’t open your code bc I don’t have a component (if the question is regardind something else, then skip my solution :slight_smile: ), but I solved your initial problem, hope you can implement it into your definition.

You don’t need to overcomplicate it, a simple SDL line will fix your problem I guess.

Trusses_fixed.gh (14.5 KB)


that was nice :wink: i implemented the solution but there is a problem when i change “verticals distance” to 5 or 8. When the distance is 6.5 it works perfectly, but the point is be able to change those distances parametrically.

Structure.3dm (87.5 KB) Structure.gh (34.6 KB)

this could help
Structure_edit2.gh (43.8 KB)