Evaluating unjoined distanced surfaces as one

is there a way where i can evaluate 2 surfaces , breps or more while they are distanced and cant be joined together as one ?
attached a pic to describe

img1: the 3 surfaces are acting as a 3 different surfaces,

img2 : looking at the 3 surfaces to act as 1 , where the evaluation of the 100% goes according to all the surfaces together , where the point just between the 3 surfaces

please attach a file with something inside as I think it’s very difficult to understand what you are trying to do from Rhino screenshots

i dont have anything special
evaluate surface.gh (7.9 KB)
im trying evaluate the combined effect of multiple separate surfaces or B-reps as if they were one continuous surface, without joining them together , they can be unjoined or distanced from 1 another

this is the file i got for now , i havent been able to figure out how.

thanks for replying ^^

I think it’s this point that is not very clear, at least to me :slight_smile:

I see the file:

when you say “evaluate a surface”, what kind of values do you expect to get?

for instance, would you expect the md-slider to sample just one point in total, instead of one point for each surface? what happens if the point to be evaluated falls outside of one or more surfaces?

I expect the multi-dimensional (MD) slider to treat the three surfaces as one connected surface. For instance, if I specify coordinates like (0,0), it should refer to the top-left corner of the small left surface. However, if I specify coordinates like (1,1), it should refer to the bottom-right corner of the right-side surface. Essentially, I want the slider to visualize all three surfaces as if they are a single continuous surface, rather than treating each surface separately.

the best I could think is something like this, where the horizontal [0,1] domain is proportionally split in 3 parts (3 surfaces), while the vertical domain is always [0,1]

and does something like this:

evaluate surface_Re.gh (15.8 KB)

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thank you soooo much!
you are amazing
thats what i was thinking of

very much appreciated

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