Evaluate distance between two planes on a single axis

Hello everyone,
For the sake of a simple explanation I have created two planes and moved one plane. Image attached below

I’d like to compare the planes and obtain a value representing the distance between them on a single axis (the z axis). In this example - that value is 5 units. How might I go about accomplishing such a comparison in Grasshopper?

Cheers and thank you for your time



Use Deconstruct plane command on both planes to obtain the central point of each plane, and then deconstruct point to obtain the coordinates of both points. Finally, just difference de z coordinate of both points.


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if you are working with more complex plane orientations you might also want to have a look at Plane Coordinates, which tells you the coordinates of a point using a custom plane as reference system

in this case it would be the distance between points B and A, measured along the Z axis of Plane_A