Evaluate Boxes

Hi everyone

I have boxes on different heights. So my goal is to pick always the highest box in relation to the top surface. I evaluate the Z values of the boxes, but then i stucked to filter the boxes in relation to this Z value.

Any advise?

Sort List by Z value.

I did deconstruct point. then sorted the Z values. now i want to select all the boxes with the highest Z values (14).
In my example i would have 2 boxes with Z values 14. they are in different branches.

boxes.gh (15.1 KB)

boxes_re.gh (17.9 KB)

You could have posted your GH model with your opening question… And you could start by having only one box at the highest point instead of two…

boxes_2020Dec6a.gh (15.5 KB)

Returning two boxes that happen to be at the same elevation is an extra complexity for a beginner. Learn how to walk before you run.

Thank you very much. Next time with the script first…

That was the goal and @HS_Kim Thanks for the solution…