Points by height

hi! i have this tent with a rod structure. each rod is divided in some points. with the points i want to experiment with meshes to create the cover.
i’m want to get groups of points based in their height (z component), whats the fastest way to do it?

(that’s what i want right now, but if you know any way to get the cover mesh based on this cloud of points, it would be nice to know it)


well if you want to sort them by hight you can deconstruct the points and use the z value for sorting :smiley:

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is there a specific reason you want to use meshes?

i don’t understand what i get. i want to get the points in the same height to create a polyline with them and compose the cover with these lines (a loft, maybe)

and about the other question, there is not a specific reason, i’ve never work with meshes and i thought that it would be the best option

well if you sort them you have a new list of points where item 0 is the one with the lowest z value and item 1 the next and so on

maybe upload your gh definition? then maybe i can help more

ok i uploaded the definition.
if i have 3 rods, there are various groups with 6 points in the same height. i want to operate with each of these groups of 6 points with same z value.

in the end, what i need is to construct that cover (like a plastic tent cover) and im trying to find the best way to do it :slight_smile:
thank you

Base.3dm (11.3 MB)
Base.gh (96.7 KB)

when you upload try to make a simplified version of your problem. so it’s easier to help :smiley:
especially because you are using a couple of plugins that people may not have.

I tried a real quick and dirty solution (I myself am pretty new to gh but this would be one way to do it)
may need refinement :stuck_out_tongue:

Base quick and dirty.gh (14.2 KB)

Could you upload a definition with the data internalized?