Eto radiolist groupbox

Hi, All

using ETO, it would be possible to create a structure like this:

in the layout I have already inserted the three group boxes and the list of radio buttons (vertically)
but it is the arrangement as indicated that I cannot figure out how to do.

I’ve spaced the list between radio buttons
but i can’t move the three groups to the right?

Hi @0904,

Are you still struggling with this? A TableLayout should do the trick…

– Dale

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Hi Dale,

Thanks for this tip, I wasn’t aware of that

I had made other different tests but they were not successful,
Now I’ll try as you suggested and let you know. Thanks again.

        table = frm.TableLayout(2,2)
        table.Add(self.Button1, 0, 0)
        table.Add(self.Button2, 1, 0)
        table.Add(self.Button3, 1, 1)

ok Dale,
found the correct syntax :+1:

to emulate the TableLayout(2,1) effect.
I had come up with a escamotage
use two GroupBoxes as columns
inserting the radiobuttonlist in the first one
Left GroupBox and the other three
GroupBox in the right GroupBox

ps but obviously using TableLayout is more professional, thanks.

Spacing = Eto.Drawing.Size(x, y, Bool)
Space RadioButtonList optional:

the space of the radiobuttonlist if it were possible, I would suggest a boolean value that goes to
enable/disable the last intermediate space, which maybe in some situations might not be necessary