Eto.Form TableCells doesn't enlarge

Hi everyone,

I have 2 Button above and 1 ListBox below as you can see below image. I want to enlarge listbox until end of the Copy Button.


private void InitializeLayout()
    TableLayout layout = new TableLayout()
        // Padding around the table
        Padding = 5,
        // Spacing between table cells
        Spacing = new Eto.Drawing.Size(15, 15),
        Rows =
            new TableRow(new TableCell(createButton, true), new TableCell(copyButton, true)),
            new TableRow(new TableCell(inventoryList, true)),
    Content = layout;


Is there any way merge columns like in excel?
Thanks in advance,


Hi @oguzhankoral,

There are lots of ways to organize the controls in a form. I’ve attached a way I like to use.

TestOguzhankoral.cs (2.9 KB)

– Dale