Eto Panel Icon on Mac OS

Hello, I developed an Eto Panel for a plugin that needs to run both on Windows and Mac OS.

The documentation for

public static void RegisterPanel (
   PlugIn plugin,
   Type panelType,
   string caption,
   Icon icon

states that the icon parameter is “Currently only used in Windows”.

How can the panel icon be set to be displayed on Mac OS? I’ve searched through the documentation and the Eto API pages, but I couldn’t find any reference.
Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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Thanks for pointing this out. Your icon will work on the Mac we just need to update the documentation now that it does.

Looks like we updated one of the summaries but not the other one.

Ok, my bad!

Thank you @Trav for the clarification.

The code actually works, I was setting the icon in the Mac OS solution in a wrong way.

– Paolo

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