Eto , Image in a Form

I have searched on how to add a image in a Eto Form
but no way to get it done.

I saw the ImageView control that needs a Image
The Image needs a IHandler and who knows what that is and where to make it ?
tried with a bitmap handle and other nice stuff but no way to get a Image.

Documentation zero , no example at all on a such simple thing


Thanks, it works but the dialog is sooo sloooow
it seems that the image is not cached and loaded continuously on refresh
its almost impossible to move the dialog

any hint ?

Hi @gerryark,

If you preload the image, or load it as a resource, it it any faster?

– Dale

Yes, I have made a ImageViewer instance part of the dialog
and it works fine
still have to learn how c# manages all this stuff, used to c++ you get lazy
with c#


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