Eto combobox font style

i need to have combobox to display the font family and font styles by Eto in python.please guid me.

@Alain - is this something you can help with?

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yes. we made plugin by python for writing text in right to left language. in combobox just show the name of the fonts. i need to know the codes for display the fonts pic is a sample of what we need.

Here is a place to start:

import Rhino

for fq in Rhino.DocObjects.Font.InstalledFontsAsQuartets():

– Dale

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thanks. with this code all fonts from system listed in combo box.but i need to display fonts style and font face in combo box (Preview drop-down font list) too.

if it needs to be in a dropdown you could get the info this way:

from Rhino.DocObjects import Font
for f in Font.InstalledFonts():
    print f.FamilyName, f.FaceName

or there’s an Eto font dialgog you could use:

from Eto.Forms import FontDialog, DialogResult

fd = FontDialog()

def pp(f):
    print "fam:{}, face:{}".format(f.FamilyName, f.Typeface.Name)
def callback(s,e):

fd.FontChanged += callback

r = fd.ShowDialog(None);

if r == DialogResult.Ok:
    print 'selected: '
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thanks.but i need alittle more your assist.i have a dialog with combobox include of all fonts and want to give the style and font face to each font in combobox.