Error reporting - Log file?


My Rhino crash some time


But I know it comes from my custom plugin. When I’m in a debug session, everything is fine.

This crash occurs when I’m in production with a validated version and I can not find where the log file is stored. (I am under Windows)

Can you help me ?
Thank you.


I found this error code -1073740771 (0xc000041d)
But no more description …

Before you close the dialog look on the desktop for a .dmp file for rhino. You can open that in Visual Studio to investigate.

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Oh, Ok !

I didn’t see that.

It’s very strange, I started Rhino in safe mode and loaded plugin by plugin. Everything works well!

And now, I’m working with Rhino in normal mode with my plugin and it’s okay.

if the crash still came, I would look at a dmg file …

Thank you @nathanletwory , this information can help me.


→ .dmp

Yes of course, sorry :slight_smile: