Error importing .wrl to Rhino

I have exported a .wrl file from ArcScene, it is 7MB and comprises of 3D buildings, topography layer and master map. When I try and import to Rhino 5 it says “Error importing file…”. I need this base for modelling in Rhino, has anyone else had this problem?

Can you share the file here? Alternatively, you can upload the file to and one of our tech support will get back to you. (1.1 MB)

Not sure why it does not import (into Rhino 5 and RhinoWIP). I was able to open it in Meshlab and reexport as wrl. This does import correctly into Rhino 5 and RhinoWIP: (1.1 MB)

@tim do you have some knowledge of the wrl importer?

I have imported successfully from your file. Thank you so much for your help

I’ve added a YT issue to see if we can fix this:

There are three invisible characters at the beginning of the version line, “#VRML V2.0 utf8”, that was causing wcsncmp to fail. Look at your file in a binary editor and you’ll see them. Windows 10 3d Builder will not open your file either until those 3 characters are removed. The next WIP of Rhino should read your file without modification.

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RH-42147 is fixed in the latest WIP

@Tim, I also have this issue, but I can’t still import a .wrl file in Rhino5 although I deleted “#VRML V2.0 utf8” using a notepad. Should it work if I remove those words?

You can send me the file and I can have a look. There may be something simple, no guarantees though. If any fixes to code are made it won’t be in V5.


I should mention that deleting that entire line is not going to help. We use that line to determine which code to process the file with. It it’s not there I suspect we just bail. You need to use a binary editor to surgically remove the non-printing characters from the beginning of the line.