Enscape asset from rhino to Revit

If I already set up escape asset like people and trees in Rhino, is there a way to import into revit and it still maintain it’s material and color?

Hi Elena tt, Enscape has a plugin for Rhino & Revit, i’m not familiar with the plugin but I would assume those assets would be transferable via their plugin.

If you post a small file of the Rhino assets i will take a look. Thanks.

which plugin are you refers to ? I attached a rhino with just car and tree enscape asset I was testing
Enscape _Rhino To Revit.3dm (1.8 MB)

Your Enscape.

You can place Planting and Entourage assets with Rhino.Inside.Revit, which would look & perform much better than imported meshes w/ materials.

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what’s your gh doing here? transfer the rhino enscape asset into revit?

It’s placing planting and entourage assets in Revit.

If I already have one rhino file have already placed in rhino, is your gh help it transfer the assets into revit.

If i’m understanding the issue correctly we don’t have a workflow to translate your Enscape assets on a 1 to 1 basis.

yea, I was trying to set up a workflow, if we already have a site model and enscape asset in rhino, how to “link”/or transfer into revit file then. question 1: if there is a way to transfer 2: after transfer, the material of the asset will be lost? for example, the tree asset in rhino, if transfer to revit, will the tree color, material still be shown?

I would recommend replacing with Revit Entourage & Planting assets.

Rhino.Inside.Revit can assign materials to Direct Shapes and Families that you can create from Rhino objects.

Revit Materials are more complex than Rhino’s and will need to be created.

Enscape support is here Revit - Enscape Community Forum