Enhancement: Add MIN value to Edge Continuity Tool

I would like to make a proposal for the Edge Continuity Analysis.

By adding a MINIMUM value, Edge Continuity Analysis can be used as a tool for actual measurements.

I understand the concept of the tool being a “Quality Checker”.

However with an added MINIMUM value, position deviation becomes a “Gap Analysis” and Tangent deviation becomes a “Crease Analysis”

Here’s how it works in VSR Shape:

The UI is rad because it allows you to set different targets for each type on continuity, and you can either display all your edges or just click the “Defectives Only” box and only your edges that don’t meet your target are highlighted. You can also sort the “spreadsheet” data by ascending or descending, and any time you click on a line in that spreadsheet it highlights the edge in question on the model. Also - you can feed it your entire model at once - it seems the functionality for 7 is going to be that you can only feed in one pair of edges at a time.


+1 on the VSR implementation

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I guess everybody expects me to chime in anyway, so here it is: +1 for having a very deep look at how VSR did it. (hint some 10 years ago, but so much better than what is worked on in the WIP…)

You guys are all talking about global analysis (“Quality Checker”), which this is not about.

I am refering to local measurements of a single surface pair.

This is used to refine surfaces manually. For example in gap construction or featureline (“crease”) building. Also establishing constant and even angles in surface transitions is key to even light flow and avoiding local shadows.

Creases also need a minimum angle . If the the angle gets too small, they might not be visible depending on the manufacturing method and material.

Please dont mix these tools up.

This was explained in depth here: CLICK

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Ah, funny enough what you are describing is basically the regular VSR “Surface Matching Tool” instead of the “Global Matching Analysis” tool. Got it.

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Yes like that!

Please let me try to explain what my goal is:

Keep the the “Edge Continuity Tool” exactly the way it is, but add a MIN value.

As I said before I understand the intention of the tool being a “Quality Checker/YES-NO” tool.

In high quality surfacing sometimes “deviation” is desired. But this desired deviation needs control. By adding a MIN Value, the “Edge Continuity Tool” serves a dual purpose and can be used to take actual measurements for gaps and creases, to refine your surfaces accordingly. This is key in direct modeling.

The picture above is supposed to show how much information is missing without having the MIN value of the Edge pairs. By adding the MIN value you notice that one edge pair fulfills the desired conditions, while the other pair doesnt. Without the MIN there would be no way to tell.

@pascal is it possible to add this as an Enhancement?

Best regards.

Hello - added to the heap, thanks.

RH-58994 EdgeContinuity: Show minimum deviation


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Thank you Pascal!

Maybe the values could also read as MIN: … and MAX: … at their locations in the viewport at the measured edge.