End of line perpendicular TO surface

Drawing a blank) Once a line is started and first point is selected, is there a way to make the other point perpendicular to a surface underneath ?

If we were to select “normal” then it goes in reverse, and the first point starts perpendicular but doesn’t slide to allow the other point to end up where it needs to.

Otherwise I have to extract the surface create a new point for line origin and then do a ClosestPt and then connect them with a line (too many operations)

Hi Thomas use the OnSrf snap and Point snap for the second point and snap the second point to the first one. Or use ClosestPt > CreateLine=Yes.


Hi Pascal, I need more info on the OnSrf snap. At start of line it snaps to the center of a sphere, at end of line (with onSrf) it snaps to the flat surface underneath, but not perpendicularly.

If the second point is OnSrf and you snap to the same center of the sphere, it ought to work, I think - maybe I am not picturing what you are after.



Needs to go from the sphere to the surface, not the other way around and the line needs to stay perpendicular to the flat surface while also passing through the sphere center

Yep- start Line. Snap the start of the line to the center of the sphere. Set OnSrf to the plane. Snap the second point to the same center location as the first point - it will be sucked down onto the plane.(my image, above is that happening)


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ok, I see it.
I’ve been fiddling with onSrf for an hour. Never thought it needed a third snap.
-Snap to center
-Snap to center again.

A bit counterintuitive. No ?