Empty list values

Dear friends,

When I import a excel range in grasshopper I get a list whith empty values. How I could eliminate the element list with an empty value?

Thanks in advance
Pruebatendones.gh (17.1 KB)

Pruebatendones.gh (17.1 KB)
BIM Tendon profile_V0.txt (134.3 KB)

Hi @Nachohp ,

what about something like this? Remember to right click on the input of the Python component and set it to List Access.

Clean list.gh (9.1 KB)

Thanks for your answer Fernando, but I need to maintain the structure of the original list and not collapse all elements in an single list

I do not think that you can remove items from a list and skip the indexes.

To make something like that you can graft the list and then remove the empty branches. That way you use the branch as a reference and not the list indexes.

Clean list.gh (13.7 KB)

But I am not completely sure if this solution works for you :sweat_smile:.