Embed Python in C# plug-in


I could not find the video about how to embed python script into C# plugin. I can remember it was on vimeo.


Hi @onrender,

Are you thinking of this video?


– Dale

Thank you Dale. This is what I was looking for.

Hi Dale,

Could you please, help with this?

First, I could not find the Rhinoscript encrypter. Does it still exist?
Can I use Rhinoscript encrypter for Python
Can I embed python files in C# plugin as per the video shows above.
Does the Python file need to be encrypted?
(I could not find the video tutorial either under the link above)
What happens when the Python scripts refers to a seperate module (Python file) that is not encrypted.

Why don’t you just use the Rhino Script Compiler - it installs with Rhino.

%ProgramFiles%\Rhino 7\System\RhinoScriptCompiler.exe

– Dale

Thank you,

I downloaded the one for V5. Is there version for V6? (I don’t have V7 yet)

Also, how can I attach other Python modules that are actually just explicit modules not a command?

Hi @onrender,

I don’t know anything about the RhinoScriptCompiler, other than it exists - sorry.

If you have questions on it, you should start a new topic.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

I searched on the forum, but RhinoScriptCompiler seems does not support Python modules.
Can you help with your tool; RhinoScriptCommand.cs, if it supports Python?

Whatever I did for Rhino 5 10-years ago certainly didn’t support Python.

Why not just write a real plug-in?

– Dale