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Hi. Can someone help me, please.

How do have the system send two emails or multiple emails?

What I want to do I get the system to send me a mail every time a user sends them self a mail

You can add as many email components as you want to the model, but they will each have their own button in the ShapeDiver standard controls. However you can automatically trigger both buttons at the same time using a couple of API calls, if that’s an option for you.

Hi Marhieu.

What I know about API’s is just enough to be dangerous, But I have managed to mode the iframe ref so i’ll look in to it. sounds like a solution. Thank you

In this scene, I crete option for mail input (paremeter MEJL_INPUT) so anyone who wants to download drawing can send email to himself.

It works for gmail and yahoo emails, but it doesn’t work for this email
How to make it works for that email?

The problem is likely caused by restrictions of the email server. There are no explicit limitations with email sending on our side. Your developer should check the network reports and update the mail server settings or in last resort switch to another one.

How do I do that? I can’t find anything in the API Reference regarding that.

Also are there any examples on how to use getData (also cant find it in the API reference). How can I get just a specific named data item from Grasshopper?

It probably doesn’t help that on your website there is an API Reference (which you get to from going to Developers), but if you go through the menu you get to a completely different Support Page about the API.

Also no search in an API Reference!?

I think your website needs some love. Its very hard to find stuff and the over usability is just not great at all. Weird font choice as well - it just looks a lot cheaper than it is for such a powerful tool.

Regarding your need to trigger two exports at the same time: it is not directly a feature of the API. What I mean is that you can link a single button in your interface with a javascript function that will call requestExport() twice. Since requestExport returns a promise with the exported file, you can wait for both promises to return and do what you need with both files at the same time. Let me know if that is not clear.

Regarding getData(), the function works exactly like all the other getters of the API. You can call it without any arguments to get all of the data from the scene:


or you can use a filter to get specific data outputs, according to their name in Grasshopper:

api.scene.getData({name: "OUTPUT_NAME"});

Thank you for your feedback about the website. We agree overall and we are planning a big update later this year.

Hi All,

It is still the case that the SD Email component can only take a single email address?

I would like it send the output to both the requester and my own email address.



Yes, the SDExportEmail component takes only one email as input. You can add multiple email components in your model and then create a button on your web site requesting all email exports.

Has anyone found a workaround for this? Can you cc yourself on emails? Asking the user to click two separate buttons isn’t viable for me.


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Hi @shapediver

Could you please look at the ability to add multiple email addresses to the email component. Seems a very easy addition and would help me hugely.



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Hei, @shapediver

has there been any update on that topic? It would be interesting to be able to cc someone or have two receivers for the same email!

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We are currently making several updates to the plugin and will attempt to include this one in the release. I will get back to you when I have more information.

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Hi @shapediver

Any updates on the multiple email send feature ?
It would help us a lot too

OH PLEASE YES - another upvote here for being able to have 2 or more email addresses.

For further information here is my use case:

All my current public facing SD hosted online apps are demo/non-commercial for evaluation. I don’t let the users download directly as I want the ability to contact the user and trouble shoot any issues.

Right now I get the user to enter their email address BUT send the email to myself and then forward to the user with a quick note.

I would prefer for the email to go to the user directly, with me in cc - just saves a bunch of time at my end but I’ll have the contact details/details of the export.



This feature is still in specification phase, due to more urgent updates to the plugin. We still plan to release this functionality this year.