EleFront - Next Release

Thank you @krahimzadeh, this is exciting news.

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Im Having trouble with the current elefront? its not showing up in my panels has anyone else had this issue?

Hi Felicia, can you provide a little more context?

is this in regard to the Rhino attributes elefront panel or the grasshopper plugin?

Rhino 7?

Is this the first time installing Elefront? (Plugin unblocked)

on a windows version i’m assuming?


yes this is my first time installing it and it is in Rhino 7, I drag and dropped the plugin file into a grasshopper and it shows in the folder but it doesn’t show in the grasshopper panel

all .gha files need to be unblocked (right click on the file) and placed in Grasshopper: File>Special Folders> Components Folder

Great News!!!
I’m trying to program a BOM generator, I think is going to be very useful.

Wonderful news!

Should we just watch the forum? Or can we sign up for an email alert when it’s released?



Great idea!

We’re working on a newsletter type system for letting people know about updates / resources, etc. but it’s not up and running yet. In the mean time, if you would like an email about the Beta release, please drop us your email (I’ve edited the first post to include the link).

I’m interested in the Beta release but I’m not allowed to access the Google form.

Ah yes. I just changed the settings, let me know if it still doesn’t work.

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Chiming in…The new version of eleFront, like previous versions, has been built through direct project applications that we build for ourselves. In this case, we have been stress testing some new ideas on some pretty large and gnarly real world applications and are looking forward to sharing with everyone this new version. As Keyan mentioned, we are seeking to leverage some of the great new features in Rhino 7 to help make really, really big models, better outputs, and collaboration better and easier.

Some recent work that went into making this new version, including full fabrication modeling of 10s of millions of unique parts for these projects:


Thanks Evan, I’ve been using EleFront for many years and my latest big project was this labyrinth here:

Labyrinth @boulderhallebasel - Gallery - McNeel Forum


cool project!

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Wil be working also with RhinoMAC?

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Our intention is that it will be supported on MacOS, but the initial focus is for R7 on Windows.


Hi @elevelle @krahimzadeh
Is it for plugin updates
Will it be updated? For Rhino 7 and above?

Right now there aren’t any immediate plans to update Autograph. Would be great to understand how you are using Autograph.

We’re waiting patiently!

Any idea of a release date on the horizon?

Can’t wait to give this a go!



We are aiming to release a working version of the beta in the next 2 weeks. It may not have 100% of the functionality, but the major pieces will be there for everyone to start testing (and probably finding bugs we haven’t found yet…)


Beta now available! See this post for more info: