Install elefront on Rhino 8 WIP (serengeti)

The latest Elefront seems to be updating on packagemanager, the food4rhino page is quite a bit older in comparison.

How should I install the latest Elefront plugins into Rhino 8 WIP serengeti? I’m not sure if it’s because they are somehow incompatible with Rhino 8 WIP or if I should do something special.

Elefront hasn’t had a significant update in a while (we are working on it!). As far as we know, it works in Rhino 7, (though some new features in R7 can cause hiccups here and there).

The version in the package manager is the same as what is on food4rhino. I would try that version. We haven’t heard any reports about it failing to work in either R7 or R8 (yet).


Got it, thanks! I was thrown off by the 2021 published date on package manager. I should have looked at the version number. It’s working just fine on R8 WIP, thanks for the great plugin.