Elefront Bake All issue

When baking blocks with Elefront, the following problems occur:

Clicking Bake All Elefront button or Bake All Grasshopper button both freezes the GH canvas…

Once the canvas freezes, the way out is clicking the same button again.

By using Metahopper and the C# Script by Discourse user Mahdiyar, a button can be triggered with the keyboard, in this case Insert. This procedure does not freeze the canvas. The only downside so far is the fact, that the button has to be plugged into every Bake component, which is more effort compared to the Elefront Bake All button.

The solution with a keyboard shortcut works fine in Rhino wireframe mode. In shaded mode however, render meshes are being generated or at least that’s what I can read in the command line and the cursor end up in the command line. For the next baking operation, the cursor would have to be moved back to the Grasshopper canvas.

20_08_30_elefront_bake_all_issue.gh (36.9 KB)

PS: I really wouldn’t mind having the functionality of baking blocks with attributes as a standard Rhino / Grasshopper feature. An important detail of the Elefront Bake component is the bake name, which overwrites objects previously baked with the same bake name. Referencing / filtering geometry should work in a similar way like in Elefront. I’m not a fan of the Geometry Pipeline because it can’t be fed with generated inputs. Thanks.

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