Edward Lorenz Strange Attractor curve

Hi, I’ve been working on this python code to develop Edward Lorenz Strange Attractor curve, but unfortunately it shows error, can someone look into it whats the matter?

python file it attached here (lorenz attractor v011.gh )(3.4 KB)

image here : th


The error message tells you that the problem is on line 41. If you print points on line 40 then you will see what is happening - your formaula blows up after about 15 iterations, generating numbers which are too large for the system to store.

Try 3 Chaos related C# defs as well.

Chaos_V4C.gh (132.1 KB)

hey, thanks! But were you able to find what is an issue with python code?


Please read my reply above for the answer :wink:

hey, I did. I reduced t <10 and it worked but if I increase them it fails. :frowning:
Is there any possible solution to this?

I would guess that either there is a problem with the sigma, rho and beta values you have used or there is a problem with your mathematical definition. Can you double-check your equation? Do you have a set of parameters which you know to provide a non-infinite solution?

Okay, lemme recheck the value.

there is an example on the old GH Forum that might help:

it finally worked!!! lorenz attractor v012.gh (3.9 KB)
i was missing " dt "

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If you are interested further in strange attractors, maps, etc. I recommend to use Chimpanzee plug-in.



Sure, I’ll. Thankyou