Editing wire colours like Galapagos

Hello All,

I read this topic and understand how to edit default wire colours.
How does it work to change the colours of the wire only for a specific input or output like Galapagos?


You can’t. Galapagos wires look different because Galapagos draws them itself.

May I ask what sort of information you wish to encode in the colours?

I try to make FA optimization component in C#.
The wire to the optimization object (maybe NumberSlider) is easy to understand if the color changes.

As the programmer of a component, you can always choose to draw your own wires. Or you can let Grasshopper draw the wires and then draw something underneath or over them.

This file (WirePainter.gh (9.4 KB)) draws extra stuff underneath wires between the first input and all slider sources.

If you’re doing this in Visual Studio instead of a scripting component you have even more control.