Editing PBR bitmaps' resolution

When importing bitmaps to create a PBR material I’m encountering this problem: the Height, Roughness, Opacity, Metallic, and AO bitmaps are all importing as smaller resolutions than the Color and Normal bitmaps. When I check the image size in Photoshop all files are the same size and resolution.

In the material editor, the smaller maps listed above show values of 2048 x 2048 x 8 except for the Color and Normal value which is 2048 x 2048 x 32.

Where is the setting to edit these values in either Rhino or an image editor like Photoshop, please?

Texture map are 2d so they have only 2 values for sizes, in your case 2048 x 2048.
the 3 number could be the bit depth of the color [just guessing what seems to make sense.]. Different types of maps need different color depth] size is still the same.
It feels confusing though, the way it is presented in that panel.

[again just guessing here, i rarely use materials in rhino]


as mentioned the resolution is 2048x2048. 8 and 32 are the bit depth of the images. For height, roughness, opacity, metallic and AO it makes sense to have only 8-bit depth, since only one channel is used really (or averaged between all channels if there are more). But you’ll see that in most cases the textures for these channels are all gray scale.

In other words: there is no problem here.

Thanks Akash and jesterKing for the quick reply,
After changing the bit depth to same value, the problems with scaling were solved, and in consequence, the issues illustrated above with transparency were also solved.